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smell the glove

1. Name: Siobhan
2. Age:15
3. Location:  long island, New York
2. 10 favorite bands: matchbox 20, rem, oar, keane, oasis, the shins, the cure, the doors, flogging molly,  bright eyes,
3. 5 bands you dislike: cky, ashlee simpson, hoobastank, tatu, sum41
4. 5 Movies you enjoyed: ferris bueller, breakfast club, 16 candles, pretty in pink, napoleon dynamite
6. 3 books you like: gossip girl, the davinci code, harry potter
7. 5 things you like: ireland, clothes, pictures, humor, having fun
8. 5 things you dislike: arrogance, racism, sneaky bull shit, the drama of all girl catholic schools,liars

9. Something interesting about yourself: I've been doing irish dancing for 10 years, I play guitar, drums, and the tin whistle. I watch Law and Order on a regular basis *ppl laugh*

10. Post 3-6 recent and clear pictures of yourself:


    Alright. Our community sucks. Agreed?. Go round posting these thingos like a mad person. Just remover the stars at the beginning and end. <*img…

  • some recent photozes.

    hell and slasher. me lookin wanky. hell + goat <3

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    OK, so this community seems to be about people who "speak their mind" so that is just what I am going to do. If you do not want to hear/read this…

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